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Where are we coming from ...?

CSS is the trading name of De Montjoie Consulting Ltd and was founded by Beth de Montjoie Rudolf.
We believe that even in a highly competitive market, Conveyancing can be delivered profitably and to high service standards.  It is just a question of getting the belance of technology and customer service right.
We bring a practical and effective approach to conveyancing for those organisations who do not have the resources or, perhaps the need, for full time Technology Programming and Systems Initiators but still wish to reap the benefits that effective use of systems and technology bring.

Since setting CSS up in 2009 Beth has provided Legal Services consultancy to wide range of organisations within the industry including the Evolve Partnership, Oak Leaf Windows Ltd, the Society of Licensed Conveyancers, DC Law,, Move with Us, Judge for the Small Conveyancer of the Year and Large Conveyancer of the Year for the Sunday Times Estate Agent of the Year Awards and the Land Registry Advisory Council.
Where are we going?
CSS is passionate about the need for fast, efficient and user friendly systems that really work, alongside staff development to ensure that all team members understand and consistently deliver excellent Customer Service.
Full business reviews are used to identify the profit sapping areas of your process, and systemise them to make them happen effortlessly.

With a proven track record of success, this approach requires very little investment, pays for itself within months and creates a motivated and committed workforce.
Where have we been?: A couple of case studies
Secure Legal Solutions
We completed the successful re-launch of Secure Legal Solutions in 2010, working closely with the business through a full business review, providing training on Customer Service in Conveyancing and a change management programme to ease them through a transitionary period to create a scaleable model ready to become an ABS.   
Taking them to the top of a League of 109 Law Firms for the speed to be ready to exchange (15 days faster than the national average), delivering 98% customer satisfaction and moving into profit for the first time since opening, this firm is now a vibrant and confident contender in the conveyancing market.
Brought in to create their Terms of Business, it became apparent that there was no complaints procedure in place.  This lead to a full review of the complaints process, writing and implementing complaints handling and customer service training across the business.  The successful implementation and full business review led to a complete restructure based on the identified complaint root causes to create a joined up service with increased internal communication throughout the handover processes.